The Artificial Intelligence over Internet of Things Applied Research Center, a.k.a., AIOT Research Center, focuses on developing innovative technologies that combine Wearable Devices and Artificial Intelligence over Internet of Things (AIoT) System, and on forming the cross-industry ecosystems that include sensors, system integration, AI, IoT, and so on industries, to speed up innovation and enhance the competiveness in the AIoT industry.

AIOT 智慧聯網應用技術研發中心

AI of Things

R&D Networked AI systems using AI technologies (such as Machine-Learning, Deep-Learning, etc.) combined with networking technologies to achieve powerful edge-computing performances for various AIoT applications.

Antenna of Things

R&D high-performance and custom-design IoT wireless communication technologies by microwave engineering and antenna technologies to provide higher values of IoT wireless communication suites and systems for the industries.

Sensing of Things

R&D miniaturized, high-performance, low-powered, wireless-charging, and low-cost sensing modules, which are combined with networked devices for various AIoT applications, to build the core techologies of R&D and production in this scope.